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Welcome to or Agent Insider, a community of real estate professionals dedicated to helping real estate agents suffering from commission anemia!... 

What's commission anemia you ask? 

Commission anemia can be classified as an inconsistent number of transaction closings each month due to a lack of proper Digital Real Estate Marketing™ systems. 

This community was first created by Kristian Cotta and Cory Smith because it doesn't matter if you run a big city real estate business or sell homes in a small rural community, EVERY AGENT needs Digital Real Estate Marketing™ systems to stay competitive and drive more buyers and sellers to their real estate business. 

That's where Kristian and Cory come into the picture! 

At the AGENT INSIDER, our primary goal is to help you grow and scale your real estate business using highly effective unique and proven digital real estate marketing strategies.

What's even better is that we aren't just online marketers trying to sell you on how to market your real estate business...

You know the kind - the ones who have never gone through the real estate transaction process and are probably pitching you from their rented apartment in some big city.

No... we aren't just 'Online Marketing Experts' - we're also 'Real Estate Experts' with a combined 20 years in the industry, hundreds of transactions and over $500,000,000.00 in total volume closed...

So, it doesn't matter if you're just starting out or you're at a point where you just can't seem to reach that next level of transaction volume - we have Digital Real Estate Marketing™ solutions for EVERY situation...

After all, there is one thing all real estate agents have in common...

There are ALWAYS more buyer and seller leads to find, and more commissions to be made! 

How fast you get there depends on only one thing... Having the right systems!
 The $100 Million Dollar Pledge
It begin's with a social and economic Epidemic... 

One that’s stealing your time and freedom because there’s currently an epidemic taking place in our economy. 

We’ve seen far too many people whose real estate businesses enslave them with seemingly false promises...

Yes, literally taking away their time and freedom... Does that sound familiar?

We began our careers in Real Estate with the belief and understanding that the exact opposite would be the case. 

We see the luxurious life of open houses and the freedom to do what you want, when you want, and on your timeframe....At least that is what we thought anyway. 

Unfortunately, for most that couldn't be further from the truth. 

Unless.. You have Digital Real Estate Marketing™ systems that is!

Here at Agent Insider we believe you deserve more ... And even though your friends, family and colleagues might tell you it’s crazy to think that there’s an easier way to earn commissions online or they tell you it’s too "complicated", "overwhelming" or “risky” - We're here to tell you otherwise. 

We faced the same doubts when we set out to crack the code online... investing countless hours, money and sacrificing time - for the opportunity to break through to a level that many talk about but few every experience first hand. 

Now we enjoy more time with our families and travel the world...

While those too scared to try are left still searching for true entrepreneurial freedom...
The kind of freedom we pictured when we committed to do whatever it takes to be successful in real estate... in the exact same place as when they started.

It's the SAD TRUTH we must face, because most real estate agents are earning an average of just $36,000 per year in commissions and many are left feeling miserable trying to achieve their dreams while juggling a day job and part time real estate business...

But it doesn't have to be that way anymore, thanks to the internet!

While many marketers will tell you to follow the same cookie cutter systems as coaches and consultants selling their services for a few hundred dollars an hour...

We are here to tell you that isn't the case when going through the delicate process of helping many clients make the largest purchasing decision or sale of their life.

It requires a deep level of understanding for the real estate transaction process combined with a perfectly mixed knowledge of digital marketing strategies and unique first hand experience...

The kind that we here at Agent Insider can provide and call the $100 Million Dollar Pledge, or our commitment to help 10,000 real estate agents discover the joy of earning $100,000 or more in online commissions.
Kristian Cotta
     Co-Founder and Digital Real Estate Marketing Expert
After 15 years of successful commercial real estate, Kristian saw a massive opportunity in online marketing. With more ways every day to connect and network with people around the world, he decided that having an online presence would extend his capacity for creating success far into the future. His mastery of marketing strategies infused with savvy business sense, has led to stellar results for hundreds of clients!
Cory Smith
  Co-Founder and Digital Real Estate Traffic Master
After years of learning the ropes with online marketing and tech, both in the real estate industry and domain name space... Cory finally found his place when he hit a home run with ECommerce - hence the nickname "ECom Cory". Since successfully launching his first Shopify store he has launched multiple other niche ECom sites both for himself and his clients. Selling physical goods online is an art form not for the faint of heart and Cory has all angles covered from idea to inventory to fulfillment, traffic and so much more.
Dr. Aikyna Finch
Director of Social Media Relations
Dr. Aikyna Finch is an Educator and Author teaching business, leadership, marketing, social media and information systems at the graduate and undergraduate levels. She has several publications in business and education having presented on topics related to youth and adult education in how to use social media to impact your business and life. She is a contributor for the Huffington Post and Forbes - a BlogHer Social Influencer and the Queen of generating leads through 'PR and Social Marketing' for the Agent Insider!
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